Ivan Tai has changed his name for his media career with the new Chinese name 戴靖航

Ivan Tai is making some major moves as a news anchor comes a new chinese stage name (戴靖航)!

Instead of being well known as 戴骏豪 (dai-jun-hao) during his acting career, now the news anchor goes by the name 戴靖航 (dai-jing-hang), a whole new and fresh name.

Ivan Tai’s birth name is Dai-Jun-Hao/戴骏豪, so you can see that he’s just moved a few things around to get Dai-Jing-Hang/戴靖航.

On September 29, his social media pages are represented by the name Ivan Tai 戴靖航. You can follow him on Twitter @ivan_jinghang , on Instagram @ivan_jinghang, on Facebook @ivantaiofficial and on Weibo @ivantai!

Note: Due to Facebook doesn’t approve the page to change the name with “Ivan Tai 戴靖航”. Currently, Ivan’s official Facebook page with verified still with the old Chinese name “Ivan Tai 戴骏豪”. The Team is trying to get approval from Facebook with the name “Ivan Tai 戴靖航“.